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  • Sass Sauce Trio
    Sass Sauce Trio
    Experience all 3 of our sassy sauces with this trio - Sass Sauce, Bless Your Heart Sauce, and Raisin Hell Sauce! The full Sass Sauce set is the perfect gift for the spicy southern belle in your life.  HOT -...
  • Raisin Hell Sauce
    Raisin Hell Sauce
    Just like a Southern Belle, this sauce is not for the faint of heart! She's a little sweet and smokin' hot - just one taste will leave you burning for more. Raise a little hell in your home by adding this sassy sauce to...
  • Bless Your Heart Sauce
    Bless Your Heart Sauce
    Every southern belle knows what bless your heart really means... and it's not always as sweet as it sounds! This sauce? It's Bless Your Heart in a bottle, baby. Your first taste may seem sweet... but it'll heat up and leave...
  • Sass Sauce
    Sass Sauce
    This sassy sauce is sweet and tangy - perfect for hot sauce lovers who want a blast of flavor without the burn. With light smokey undertones, this sauce goes great with just about everything -  especially chicken...